NYC Expediting Services – Construction Permits & Violation Removals:

NYC Department of Buildings:

- New Building Applications (Proposed or Existing)  We take on existing applications and finish them towards sign off

- Alteration I (changes the Certificate of Occupancy)

- Alteration II ( interior/exterior renovation) Does not change use, egress or occupancy

- Ground up Construction - (New Buildings)

- Permits: General Construction Permits - Plumbing - Sprinkler - Mechanical - Underpinning
- Shoring and Bracing, All Concrete Permits, Structural Stability and "No Work Permits"  (Legalization) applications. 

- Footing & Foundation, Mechanical, Equipment Use Permit Cards

Additional Department of Buildings Services are as follows:

- Permit Renewals, scheduling and attendance of inspections for violation removals

- Post approval Amendments - Application changes - Withdrawals & Reinstatements
- Letter of Completion (Sign Off)
- Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (New or Amended)

- Stop Work Orders, Rescind Letters, Violation Search -

- Research, Removal/Dismissal of Violations, - Certificate of Corrections

Landmark Preservation Commission: (LPC)

- Interior & Exterior filings
- Issuance of Landmark Work Permits
- Removal of Landmark Violations
- Determination and Public Hearings

Environmental Control Board: (ECB)

- Violation Search
- Attendance of ECB Hearings
- Construction Violations
- Occupancy Violations
- Work Without a Permit Violations
- Fine Reduction

New York City Surveyor's Office:

- Sub Division of Tax Lots
- Tax Zoning Lot Mergers


- Full FDNY Violation Search
- Full FDNY Violation Dismissal
- Application filings for FDNY approval
- FDNY Permits

Housing Preservation and development (HPD)

- Violation search
- Attendance of inspections
- Removal of Violation

The Loft Board:

- Loft Board approvals for IMD Buildings


- DEP filings and approvals

OER (Office Of Environmental Remediation)

- OER application filings
- OER Approvals

Additional services:

- Detailed reports
- Construction Management
- Estimating
- Property Management



At Grand Expediters NYC, we strive to offer New York City's top expediting and consulting services through effectiveness, expeditiousness and transparency. Our approach is governed through the needs of our clients, which are carried out by our highly qualified and highly trained professionals. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining beneficial business relationships with owners, developers, contractors and many other professionals in the business; this will aid in effectively achieving our client-centered goals. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the field; despite this, we are not willing to rest on our laurels. Everyday, and with each client, we strive to offer the best expediting services achievable to ensure client success.



NYC Department of Buildings Construction Permits, Violation removals, Certificates of Occupancy. Stop Work Order removals, Vacate Order removals.

FDNY Approvals and Permits

Landmark Preservation Commission Violation removals,  Approvals and Permits

ECB Hearings,  Office of Environmental Remediation Filings